Friday, May 11, 2012

My sisters arrive in Wellington tomorrow at 9am!  I am very excited to see more familiar faces here on the other side of the world.  I made us an itinerary of places to see, food to eat, shopping and hiking adventures.  It's a pretty full schedule for us, especially in addition to my uni classes.

Tuesday will be the beginning of our hiking adventures!  To the top of Mount Victoria.  It will be my second time since I went with Ben during his visit.  Depending on the weather this should be a pretty good workout for us.

I am psyched because on Friday we will be taking the train to Porirua (about 45 minutes north) to go through the Adrenaline Forest.  I am crossing my fingers that it won't be rainy and cold that day...because I've already purchased our tickets.  I don't want to be doing high ropes courses and ziplining in the freezing rain.  That sounds just terrible.

On Saturday we will be doing the Ultimate Lord of the Rings Movie Tour around Wellington!  Well technically the bus will be taking us out of Wellington city for quite a few stops (25 total!).  More hiking and photo ops!  I haven't been to any scenes of the LOTR movies yet, which is weird since I've been here for three months already....

Between all of our hiking trips I am sure they'll be doing lots of souvenir shopping.  Good times!

Last night, after dinner at A-Roy Thai and gelato at Kaffee Eis with the ladies, we walked along the harbour for the first time at night (my first time).  It was very peaceful.

Tomorrow I will be taking a field trip with my Peopling of Polynesia class to Palliser Bay, the location of an archaeological site.  Because of this trip I won't be able to pick up my sisters from the airport....but hopefully it will be worth the wait.  It's going to be a two-hour long bus trip there and two hours back, lunch at the site, and a mapping assignment.  I've never been to an archaeological site before this...I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow either.

Weather here in Wellington has officially turned to winter.  In the past week it has rained 4 days, my umbrella has turned inside out 4 times, and I've slept with long sleeves, long pants, and a hoody with three blankets.  Oh how I miss summer back home...

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