Sunday, March 4, 2012

I have finished my very first landscape architecture studio this morning and safely made it back to my about a 35-minute walk.  What I thought was going to be a studio period of only 50 minutes turned into being a studio period of 3 hours.  Apparently my "lecture timetable" deceived me...and what I also found out to be very important is that I have another studio time on Thursday for about 3 hours, which is also not present on my "lecture timetable."  So far, Victoria University has been thoroughly informative, don't you think!?

My studio mates are all very welcoming.  I found it odd, however, that the ratio of male to female was approximately 3:1.  I didn't count everyone to be sure, but there are only 5 females, including myself, and probably 15 or so guys.  It shall be an interesting dynamic for sure...I'm not used to that, considering the ratio is the other way around back home.  I am taking a 300-level studio so I am a year older than everyone else in my class...perhaps this means I'll have an advantage over them...I certainly wouldn't want to be the underdog, or the American student who knows nothing about landscape architecture in New Zealand.  But I feel pretty confident about my studies, I can say that honestly.  Everyone had to pin up their projects from last year (our French professor wanted to know what everyone's skill set is like, so she has a feel for what she's going to be dealing with). 

I didn't have anything to show obviously, but sometime this week Sabrina (the French professor) wants to go through my portfolio.  I am glad I thought to bring it.  That's kind of terrifying to think about.  I wonder if I'm going to have to do this portfolio showing in front of the entire studio.  I suppose I wouldn't mind all that much. 

We spent about 40 minutes of our studio time exploring our project site, which is occupied by mainly industrial buildings along the harbor and near the railway station.  It's not too big, and isn't the largest scale project I have ever worked on.  I think it will be interesting to see what we all come up with.  We did not get a project briefing today, which was really disorienting for me because: 1. I don't know Wellington all that well yet so I was meandering around for a bit like a chicken with my head cut off; and 2. I have no idea what the final goal of this project is without a project brief!  Sabrina said she still needs to look it over one more time before she gives us the project brief...all I was thinking was, "It's the first day of should already have this ready for us!"

Our assignment for today was to sketch what we "feel" about the project site.  What did I feel? was nice and sunny.  The water is pretty.  I could hear the roaring of the barges and some planes flying by.  I felt like the architecture was a bit dull since it is mainly industrial land.  Oh and, where the hell am I?!?  Now, do I feel my sketches reflected that?  Absolutely not.  I haven't sketched just to sketch for ages now.  All I brought was my tiny sketchbook and a pen that kept smearing.  The side of my drawing hand was nearly all black by the time I finished just three sketches.  I'm off to such a great start!

I seriously underestimated the weather in Wellington today.  I dressed for cold: jeans, boots, flannel shirt, leather jacket, and a scarf.  I made the judgment based on the past days this week, which have been cloudy, rainy, and cold.  That is not the case today.  After walking for 35 minutes back to my flat, I tore off my jacket and scarf and just watched the sweat run down my forehead.  Wellington weather is so unpredictable, gray one day and cheery the next!

I have one more lecture today...Peopling of Polynesia.  I'm excited about this one.  Hopefully I'll have proper note-taking tools for this one.

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