Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ok so...scratch the beginning of my previous post.  Mng. Christine did not mail my care package just yet.  Instead when I went to pick up my parcel from the office I was surprised to find that my new glasses have been delivered.  Just a little random update:  my original glasses somehow got scratched and the protective film on the outside of my right lens was beginning to peel.  So I ordered a cheap-o pair from a site called  Very useful since I am all the way over here and there is no such thing as America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses to hop into to order a new pair.  Luckily, America's Best gave me my prescription before I left for NZ!

The Six60 concert was really good.  I have finally experienced the Wellington nighttime scene (I know lame right?  I've been here a month and I've just now gotten out into the city at night?!?).  Emily, Quinne and I got to the concert venue pretty early and ended up waiting another hour and a half before the music started.  The venue was all standing so we got to get spots right up next to the front of the stage.  Quinne and I felt "unworthy" to be so close since we both aren't too familiar with the band...clearly there were some real die hard fans out there.  There was an opening act of three guys playing techno for a little less than an hour.  I'm not a huge techno fan so I was not too enthused about them...pressing buttons and whatnot.  Sorry, if you like techno...

After the opening act there was a set change...took another half hour to get that finished.  Oh my gosh, my anxiety levels were through the roof at this point.  I have never been to a concert that played more radio music over some loud speakers than actual live music.  While set changes and waiting was going on that's what they did to entertain us...And then Six60 finally came on stage.  I stood at the front with Emily and Quinne for the first 3-4 songs and then Quinne and I decided to go to the back because our ears were being blasted.  We stayed there for the remainder of the concert.  I enjoyed the band, aside from waiting for long periods of time to finally hear them.  And the dinner before the concert was delicious!  Yummy burger and fries :)

This weekend has been another homework weekend.  I got out of my flat a little bit yesterday morning to do some grocery was misting the whole way, so by the time I got to the grocery store I was drenched.  Oh well, I've gotta get used to it!

I'm thinking about joining the tramping club here at Vic!  Tramping=Hiking in Kiwi talk.  They take some weekend hiking trips and also day trips.  I really want to try it out.  All this city is making me miss nature and green.  Not that Wellington is all concrete and skyscrapers.  There are trees everywhere and parks and little pocket parks.  But I want to see forest and mud and rolling hills.  Anyways, I think I'm going to attend the tramping meeting on Tuesday this week to sign up!

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